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24/7 Data Protection

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Data Protection Services
in MD, VA, DC

There is nothing more critical than protecting your company’s data and information. Installing a firewall and actively monitoring your network’s access points and workstations can prevent critical business data and information from being lost or stolen. From financial reports and sensitive client data to department passwords and other info, our cybersecurity services at Maryland Computer Service can help protect your business’s most sensitive information.

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24/7 Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection

In today’s digital age, chances are you’ve experienced some sort of security breach on your computer or network, even if on your personal computer and not your company’s workstation. However, the consequences of a virus or spyware found within your business’s network are much more detrimental than a personal computer.

At Maryland Computer Service we can design and configure an advanced network security system to prevent against:

  • Viruses– Viruses are pieces of code that are installed on your network with the intention of destroying, stealing, or corrupting your company’s IT network. Often found in email attachments, viruses can be disguised as images or other common computer files.
  • Spyware– Spyware is corrupt software installed with the intent of obtaining covert information about another’s computer activities by covertly transmitting data from users’ hard drives. If spyware is released within your IT network, your company’s sensitive data could be stolen and dispersed without your knowing.
  • Malware– Malware (short for “malicious software”) may be installed on your company’s network or workstations without your knowing. Malware creation is on the rise, and it’s used to vandalize, corrupt, and/or destroy targeted machines.
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Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Defend your data and your business with our data backup and recovery solutions.

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HIPAA Compliance Solutions

Utilize our HIPAA compliance solutions to remain compliant with ever-changing standards.

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Computer Network Security

Show a hacker they can’t mess with your network with our computer network security.

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