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Email & Database Services

Serving Businesses in MD, VA & Washington, DC

Trusted IT Services in the DC Metro Area

Do you own a business in Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington, DC area? If so, chances are you have struggled with your company’s databases a few times. More than likely, your database and email marketing software are out of date or simply don’t meet your business’s needs like they used to.

At Maryland Computer Service, we can keep your CRM software, email marketing, and other databases up to date so you can focus your business efforts elsewhere. Our email marketing and database services allow you to save time, money, and resources and help you focus your efforts on other critical business aspects.

Call Maryland Computer Service to learn how we can improve your business’s email marketing and database software—240-200-5281!

Database Services & CRM Software

Communication between team members within your business and with clients is a critical function within all companies. Developing a custom database to meet your business objectives while simultaneously managing client relationships is imperative to your company’s success.

Developing a database depends on a variety of internal and external factors, including the industry, clientele, and your specific business needs. Maryland Computer Service will work directly with you to determine your business goals and develop a database or CRM platform to help you meet your goals.

Not sure what you need? Don’t worry! Contact us to talk to a Microsoft Small Business Specialist at Maryland Computer Service and learn more about our database and CRM services.

Email Services for Maryland Businesses

Already have CRM software but are in need of an email platform? It’s important to integrate an email platform with your company’s domain and services. For example, email addresses to are far more authoritative and appear more trustworthy then a simple Gmail or Yahoo! email address.

Let us integrate email into your company’s database software—contact us today!

Database Services vs. Email Services: What’s the Difference?

In a perfect world, a well-functioning CRM (customer relationship management) software or database would double as a useful email platform. Unfortunately, the perfect system doesn’t exist for every industry. So, what’s the difference between database/CRM services and our email services?

CRM is used to track a client’s information throughout your entire sales process. CRM software allows businesses to track a customers’ activities in real time and look at their activity before and after a predefined timeframe. In other words, CRM software allows you to track individual customer histories.

Our email services allow companies to integrate their work email with CRM software and other software used throughout your business.

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