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HIPAA Compliant
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Meeting the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliance standards is a complicated process for any healthcare provider. You want to protect your patients’ private information, but standards are ever-changing and hard to keep up with.

At Maryland Computer Service, we understand the headache this process results in, which is why we offer groundbreaking HIPAA compliance solutions. We start off by conducting a HIPAA risk assessment to locate vulnerabilities and determine how we can bridge the gap. And we don’t stop there. We’ll regularly monitor your network and provide you with compliance reporting that stays updated with rule changes, so you never have to worry about breaching regulations.

Avoid Compliance Fines with a HIPAA Risk Assessment

How Can Our HIPAA Compliance Solutions
Help You?

Access risk management plans

Stay up-to-date with rule changes

Gain proactive security monitoring

Improve your policies and procedures

Avoid compliance fees

Earn client credibility

HIPAA Compliant Data & Network Protection

HIPAA is designed to protect from the unlawful distribution of what is considered “individually identifiable health information.” There are many conveniences to today’s digital medical records, but these systems also pose new risks that should be addressed through proper data protection.

Maryland Computer Service is 100% HIPAA compliant. Our IT specialists will work with you to ensure your technology infrastructure is compliant, as well as make any suggestions for improvements. We’ll outline HIPAA compliance procedures, including physical security policies, access control, workstation security policies, and virus protection.

Maryland Computer Service offers comprehensive IT solutions for the healthcare industry. To ensure your healthcare business is compliant and secure, contact the IT experts at Maryland Computer Service today.

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Eliminate your HIPAA vulnerabilities with Maryland IT services.

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