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Office 365 Email Migration

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Office 365 Email Migration
Services in Maryland, DC & Virginia

Few business tools are as powerful as those provided by Microsoft Office 365. With integrated Office applications, email, threat protection, cloud storage, and collaboration capabilities, migrating to the Office 365 platform is a great choice for Maryland business owners to consider.

Give your company a competitive edge by choosing Office 365 migration services from Maryland Computer Service. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals has the expertise necessary for a smooth and simple migration process.

Let us provide your Maryland, DC, or Virginia business with the powerful tools available through Microsoft Office 365 by contacting our team today.

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Microsoft Office 365 Benefits Your Business

Microsoft offers two email server solutions for businesses: Exchange and Office 365. Exchange is a self-hosted software package that runs on your business’ hardware. Choosing the Exchange solution over Office 365 will often cost you more money than is necessary. This is because this setup requires dual client license for each user under Exchange and Microsoft email.

Exchange can present additional challenges to companies without a team of qualified IT professionals readily available to address self-hosting issues that may arise. With Microsoft 365, only one client license is required. Mailbox access is subscription-based, and the server is hosted by Microsoft and managed by their IT professionals. In addition to easy email setup for your employees, each of your staff will have access to the latest Office Suite applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Office 365 migration offers companies a fully integrated solution to securely run and sustainably grow their businesses. With the help of a professional team of IT experts, you can make the switch to Office 365 solutions in no time.

Allow the professionals at Maryland Computer Service to begin the migration process at your office by contacting us today.  

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Maryland Computer Service Office 365 Migration Process

Deciding to migrate email to Office 365 may cause some business owners to cringe at the thought of increased downtime for their employees. A certified Microsoft partner and Microsoft Small Business Specialist, Maryland Computer Service has the qualified team you need for an easy Office 365 migration with zero tech downtime.

With our fast and simple process, you’ll receive the following:

  • Seamless migration and system integration, ensuring all programs, applications, and systems are in perfect working order prior to completing the migration process.
  • Zero downtime through fast and seamless migration services designed to eliminate unnecessary productivity challenges.
  • On-site expert IT support to ensure your Office 365 migration takes effect in the way it should and presents no challenges for your company.

For a successful migration experience, you’ll meet with our team of certified technicians to determine the best strategy for your Office 365 implementation. After thoroughly discussing your current operations, we’ll present the best methods for moving forward and assist with migration preparations.

During the preparation stage, we’ll create your user accounts and network and DNS requirements, and perform on-site configurations. We’ll migrate your devices to the new systems with little downtime for minimal productivity interference at your business.

Give your company in the Maryland, DC, or Virginia area the benefit of Office 365 migration by contacting Maryland Computer Service today.

Maryland Computer Service for Your Office 365 Migration

For a fully integrated solution that provides exceptional security and scalability, Microsoft Office 365 migration is the way to go. With the expert services provided by Maryland Computer Service, your business will have full Office 365 integration with zero downtime necessary.

Contact our team to get Microsoft Office 365 capabilities at your company today!

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