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10 Surprising Services Your IT Team Can Handle For Your Business

10 Surprising Services Your IT Team Can Handle For Your Business

Time is a precious commodity for every business owner. It often feels like the clock ticks away faster than tasks can be completed. Achieving success necessitates focusing on what truly demands your attention and knowing what can be delegated.

One common struggle we observe among entrepreneurs is their hesitancy to delegate certain tasks. The mindset of “It’s quicker if I handle it” or “Others might not do it my way” often prevails. While this could be true for some tasks, it’s a misconception for many, especially in the IT domain. Handing off specific tasks can not only free up your time but also ensure they’re executed with expertise.

Sure, tasks like 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring are obvious contenders for delegation. Given its intricacies, most business owners realize it’s not feasible for them or an unqualified acquaintance to manage it.

But the IT domain extends beyond this. Here’s a list of 10 unexpected tasks your IT team can efficiently manage, allowing you to channel your energies towards business growth:

  1. Wi-Fi Solutions: Be it troubleshooting, expanding coverage, or other issues, let the experts handle your connectivity without you fiddling with routers.
  2. Microsoft Teams Integration: Instead of juggling multiple platforms like Zoom and Slack, switch to Microsoft Teams. Your IT team can seamlessly implement it, encompassing its myriad of over 1,900 integrated apps, and also train your staff.
  3. User Access Management: From onboarding new members to revoking access for departing ones, your IT team can manage all access permissions seamlessly.
  4. Device Acquisition & Setup: Need new hardware? Let your IT team find the best deals and set up these devices tailored to your business requirements.
  5. Employee Tech Support: Divert all tech-related queries to your IT team. They can resolve issues quickly, ensuring minimal downtime.
  6. Dual Monitor Configuration: Enhance productivity by letting your IT experts set up dual monitors. No DIY, just plug and play!
  7. Optimizing Computer Performance: A lagging computer shouldn’t push you to search remedies online. Your IT team can troubleshoot and boost its performance.
  8. Email and Spam Defense: Delegate the task of filtering malicious and unwanted emails to the experts.
  9. Office Equipment Integration: Need a new device connected? Your IT team can ensure it’s integrated smoothly into your system.
  10. Employee Activity Monitoring: Curious about employee productivity? Your IT team can deploy software to provide insights into screen activity.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. IT professionals offer a spectrum of services, from ensuring compliance like HIPAA, CMMC, and PCI to establishing data recovery plans and assisting with office relocations. Many business leaders we interact with are often astonished by the vast array of tasks an IT team can shoulder, extending well beyond basic cybersecurity.”

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