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How IT Support Companies Charge For Their Services – Part 2 Of 2

How IT Support Companies Charge For Their Services – Part 2 Of 2

Building on our previous discussion, we’re delving into a question frequently asked by new clients: “What are your charges for IT services?” In our last blog post, we explored the prevalent service models—break-fix and managed IT. Now, let’s unravel the actual fees, providing insights into industry averages based on a recent survey by Service Leadership, a reputable consulting firm in the IT services sector.

1. Hourly Break-Fix Fees:

Most IT services offering break-fix solutions charge between $150 and $250 per hour, requiring a minimum one-hour commitment. Discounts may be available for pre-purchased block hours. Ideal for microbusinesses with straightforward IT needs and no sensitive data hosting.

2. Project Fees:

For one-time projects, fees vary based on project scope and complexity. When seeking quotes for a project, ensure:

  • A detailed scope of work with clear success criteria.
  • A fixed budget and time frame for completion to prevent unforeseen billing for contingencies.

3. Managed IT Services Fees:

Managed IT services quote monthly fees based on devices, users, and locations. Average per-user fees range from $146.08 to $249.73 per month. Operational maturity often correlates with higher fees, reflecting enhanced capabilities in cybersecurity, compliance, and additional services like CIO guidance and dedicated account management.

Considerations for Managed IT Services:

  • Operational maturity leads to higher fees but often ensures more robust and secure services.
  • Cheaper MSPs might compromise on quality, omitting critical security and backup services.
  • Paying top dollar doesn’t guarantee excellence; careful consideration of offered services is essential.

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