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The One Lesson Business Owners Miss When Training Employees That Can Cost Them Thousands

The One Lesson Business Owners Miss When Training Employees That Can Cost Them Thousands

Training employees can be a costly endeavor. Not only do you need to invest in materials, but it also takes away valuable time that could be spent on revenue-generating activities. However, when it comes to cybersecurity training, the cost of failure can be even higher.

Startling studies reveal that human error contributes to a staggering 90% of data breach incidents. Forward-thinking business owners understand the importance of proactive cybersecurity training for their employees. While we commend their efforts and encourage all owners to follow suit, research suggests that these training initiatives are falling short. Despite their willingness to train employees, the number of data breaches continues to rise.

So, what’s the problem? Let’s be honest – cybersecurity training can be dull. And what happens when presentations fail to engage the audience? People become disinterested, tuning out critical information necessary for protecting your company. After the training, they may claim to have learned the lessons, but are they truly equipped or are they potential threats lurking within your organization?

Unfortunately, the latter is often true. If you want the training to make a lasting impact, additional measures are required. The most crucial step is putting employees to the test.

Education World highlights that interactive activities are six times more effective for learning and retaining information compared to passive listening. Incorporating this approach involves testing employees to assess their ability to apply what they have learned.

One highly effective method is conducting phishing simulations. Here’s how it works:

  1. A trusted third party creates realistic yet fake phishing emails that exhibit identifiable signs discussed during the training. For example, an email resembling a request for private information from the CEO or a deceptive link from an external company. You can tailor the simulations to resemble scenarios relevant to your employees.
  2. Employees are then subjected to these simulations. You can select which employees receive specific links and schedule the emails accordingly. Will they be able to identify the threats or will they fall victim to the scams?
  3. The results are collected and shared with you to develop more comprehensive training programs. Additionally, this helps you identify employees who pose the highest risks, enabling you to provide targeted coaching.

Another effective approach is to conduct phishing simulations prior to the training itself. When employees witness their colleagues making mistakes, they are more likely to pay closer attention to the subsequent lessons.

It’s not sufficient to merely present the information. It must be learned and actively implemented every day to effectively safeguard your organization.

By employing these proactive measures, you can enhance the effectiveness of cybersecurity training and maintain a secure environment within your company. If you require assistance in implementing phishing simulations or developing comprehensive training programs, we are here to help.

If you’re looking for effective cyber security awareness training for your employees, our team has a comprehensive program that will engage, teach and test your employees so you can have peace of mind knowing they are working to keep your company safe. Click here to get in touch with our team and get started on your cyber security training session today.

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