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Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Business Safe

Living in the digital age means protecting yourself from the dangers of hackers, phishers, and a laundry list of other cybersecurity threats. Especially for small business owners without the power of an in-house IT team, taking extra precautions to protect your business’ digital assets is a must.

To protect your business data from the damaging effects of a cybersecurity breach, be sure you’re following at least basic guidelines for data safety and security. One of the best ways for small business owners in Maryland to protect themselves from a cybersecurity breach is by enlisting the help of a managed IT service provider.

Top Tips for Enhancing Small Business Cybersecurity

Each business contains its own proprietary data, with much of that data being stored through digital means. Everything from client information and accounts reporting to payroll and employee contact information can be easily hacked into through a cybersecurity breach.

To protect yourself and your employees from having your information hacked or stolen, try implementing the following tips set forth by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Federal Communications Commission:

  • Employee Training: All of your employees should understand the basic principles of digital safety, including password creation, internet use guidelines, attachment downloading, phishing scams, and more.
  • Virus & Spyware Protection: Each of your business’ computers should be equipped with anti-virus and anti-spyware software. This software should come standard with patches and updates to ensure ongoing protection beyond initial installation.
  • Secure Networks: Businesses can safeguard their internet connection by using a firewall and encrypting their information. Additional precautions can also be taken by preventing the Wi-Fi network from broadcasting publicly.
  • Data Backup: Be sure to back up all essential business data regularly across all computers, including Word documents, spreadsheets, databases, financial documents, human resource files, accounts reporting, and more.

Companies should take time to establish a set of best practices for their employees to follow during all digital business operations. These guidelines should be distributed across all relevant parties, and consequences for violating these best practices should be made clear to avoid confusion.

Managed IT for Small Businesses

One way small business owners can protect themselves even further from a cybersecurity breach is through a managed IT solutions provider. Managed IT solutions provide small businesses with the power of an in-house IT team without the associated cost of staffing full-time employees.

Through managed IT solutions, businesses can enjoy the following:

With a managed IT provider, your business will be well-protected from the dangers of a cybersecurity breach through round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities. An IT technician can offer custom support for your business and come on-site to troubleshoot issues when you need it most.

Using the industry’s best practices in security measures, your business data will stay out of the hands of the wrong individuals with the help of knowledgeable IT technician support.

Need a managed IT service provider to help your small business maintain security? Contact Maryland Computer Service today!

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