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Outlook Features You May Not Know About

Outlook Features You May Not Know About

If you’ve recently migrated to Office 365 at your Maryland small business, you probably haven’t had enough time to explore all of its amazing features. In particular, Outlook boasts an array of hidden hacks that make using your business email easier than ever.

Read on to discover some of the Outlook features you may not know about after a recent Microsoft Office 365 migration.

Quick Tips for Outlook Users

Making the move to Office 365 is an incredibly beneficial decision for small business owners. Packed with tools designed to enhance productivity and streamline processes, the programs offered through Office 365 make business operations of all sizes easier and more efficient.

When your workforce is introduced to the new tools available through Office 365 migration, be sure to highlight the following useful Outlook features:

Keyboard Shortcuts

To enable quick access to essential tasks, you can use keyboard shortcuts. For example, to create a new message, simply click Ctrl + Shift + M. Or, if you want to create a new meeting request, use Ctrl + Shift + Q.

Toggle easily between views by using Ctrl + 1 for the Mail view, Ctrl + 2 for Calendar view, Ctrl + 3 for Contacts view, and so on. You can also use Alt + H to navigate to your home tab.

See all Outlook keyboard shortcuts here.

Quick Steps

Quick Steps help you manage your inbox by applying multiple actions to email messages at the same time. You can set quick steps to forward messages to specific people or groups or to move messages to a particular folder.

Learn how to set Quick Steps here.

Recover Deleted Emails

Even if you have permanently deleted an email and it is gone from your Deleted Items folder, you can still check a hidden folder called Recoverable Items. This is not supported on all Outlook accounts, so be sure to confirm it is available on your account before relying on it for back up.

Recall a Sent Email

If you are sending an email to a user within your organization who is using Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange, you can retrieve a sent email if it has not been opened yet. You can also send a substitute message. So whether you forget an attachment, have additional information to relay, or did not mean to send the message, you can replace or retrieve as necessary. Get the steps here.

Office 365 Migration Services for Businesses

Making the most out of your Office 365 migration services means understanding the robust tools that are now available to you and your team. While a quick Google search might do the trick for some discoveries, the best way for Maryland small business owners to stay technologically savvy is by enlisting the help of managed IT services from trusted technicians.

At Maryland Computer Service, our top priority is helping your small business succeed in the digital age. That means being empowered with top tools, such as Office 365. Through our Office 365 migration services, your team will have access to robust programs designed to enhance efficiency and productivity. When you partner our migration services with our managed IT offerings, you’ll have continued access to top IT professionals for all your troubleshooting needs.

Discover all that Outlook and Office 365 have to offer by scheduling migration services for your small business with Maryland Computer Service today. 

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